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Letters to the Editor

Polo American Legion to mark 94 years

Dear Editor,

On Aug. 9,  the Polo’s American Legion Post # 83 will celebrate its 94th year of existence. It was on that date in 1919, that its Charter was approved and signed.

We are still holding Post meetings at the Franklin Room behind the Senior center on the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. Come join us.

Richard Jacks

Adjutant, Post # 83

Disagrees with removal of flag poles at schools

Dear Editor,

Well, well. We have another case of powerful people doing stupid things.

Taking flag poles down, now? What, staff didn’t have anything to do one day? Or was it done in the middle of the night? In their bragging article it seems they were quite busy this summer.

Were the poles rusted and falling down? Were the flags ragged? Maybe I’m wrong but didn’t we pay for them?

Something about it seems so unpatriotic and like they don’t care how the rest of us feel.

I believe here are other more important things that need to be done than stirring up the public that pays for everything.

Patricia Stroh


Wants flag to fly in front of each school

Dear Editor,

Shocking, absolutely shocking! Since when are there ever too many “Star Spangled Banners” displayed?

I am totally in favor of Old Glory flying at the entrance to each of our separate schools. Somewhere in the area of Madison and Tenth, there should be an honor guard of flags. American, State and a school flag, and also appearing by the sports arena (football field) for use during events.

I also believe the Oregon Park District should have another at their entrance to the Blackhawk Center.

Guess I’ll have to drive by Rahn Elementary (D.L. Rahn Junior High) in Mt. Morris to make sure there is one there.

You could line the street with them and it would be fine with me.

Also, what is this about taking it away will help bring union to the schools?

Sometime back I took an oath of office that pledged allegiance to that flag, to the State of Illinois and Ogle County.

Now I have to witness this atrocity. Please return it to its glory.

Al Koper


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