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Letters to the Editor

Disagrees with the removal of flag at OHS

Dear Editor,

Have you heard of Where’s the Beef, or Where’s Waldo?

Well in Oregon we could say Where’s Our Flag?

If you drive down 10th Street in front of the high school or west on Madison Street, you won’t see the flag that has flown in front of our high school for at least the last 50 years...Why?

Because according to the people in power that I have spoken to, they say it was removed to unite the schools.

Does that make sense to anyone other than the ones in power?

The United States flag represents freedom and unity.

It would seem to me that our school system would be proud to fly as many flags as possible to honor our service people and our country.

We should all call our school board members and our superintendent so they know that we noticed and we care that our flag was removed.

Virginia A. Pearson


DeArvil speaks for Old Glory

Dear Friends,

I doubt if many of you gave much thought to me. I was just always there a symbol of what was right with your world.  

Now I am gone, removed because of a decision based on the fact that there were too many flags on the school property.  

I wonder how many will miss me and the beacon of hope and patriotism I provided for the community.

I really loved my job and served for more years than I care to remember at the Madison Street entrance to OCHS.  

Countless students passed under my stars and stripes to pursue their freedom of education, a freedom that is a birth right of children in America.  

Dedicated faculty hurried under my billowing folds to instruct and provide foundations for futures waiting to unfold.  

My stately presence let passing visitors know the importance of this building in our community.

I like to think my friendly salute each morning provided inspiration to the young men and women who loved their country enough they made the choice to serve in the military.

The freedom I stood for lent courage to the students that embarked on futures to pursue their dreams into adulthood.

And when they returned home to visit, I was there providing a spirit of continuity in the community.

My magnificent pole is gone now and so am I. There is just a patch of black soil where I once flew.

It looks like a tiny grave and makes me very sad to think my presence there has been dismissed so lightly.  

And so my friends I leave you with this message, when you see a flag waving in the gentle breeze remember what it stands for.

Stay strong in the spirit of patriotism, honor the courage of the men and woman who fought for freedom and keep the loyalty to our nation foremost in your heart.

Put some serious thought into what it could mean if there became a limit on how many of us could remain flying in a community.  

May my spirit always remain forever,                                                                                                                       
Old Glory

Liz DeArvil


Ogle County Fair queen says thanks

Dear Editor,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing me to be Miss Ogle County Fair Queen 2012.

I had an amazing year. I have met so many wonderful people while having the opportunity to represent our county.

I would first like to thank the Fair Board for all their support over this past year, Michelle Eyster, my pageant director (and now my dear friend), Sharon Alderks, who has always been my biggest cheerleader.

But most of all I want to thank my parents, who gave up their time, money, and always put their schedule on hold while I was busy doing pageant duties; they always will be my biggest

There are so many others to mention who made this past year such a memorable one for me, and for that I am truly grateful and blessed to have had you beside me going through this experience.

I wish our 2013 Queen Kendal Anderson all the best in this upcoming year!

Emily Hanlin

Leaf River

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