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Letters to the Editor

Donations are needed for new cemetery roads

Dear Editor,

The White Oak Cemetery Improvement Committee has contracted Civil Engineers from Freeport to chip and seal the cemetery roads.

The cost of the new surface will be nearly $12,000, leaving our funds completely broke!

We have sprayed the grass along the roads with a herbicide to kill the grass so that 10-foot roads can be reclaimed.

The grass has to be dead so the power brooms can push back to the edges of the road.

We have done a lot of work tearing out soft spots and compacting the new road rock to stabilize the areas.

All of our work is volunteer with includes trimming trees, clearing road exits for oncoming traffic, lag pole maintenance such as new flags, new ropes on poles, mole control with repellants, removal of wild brush from many of the headstones, and our big repair was the water catch basin last year which turned out to be an emergency.

The improvement committee is Russell Ruter, Richard Stukenburg, and Lloyd Wubbena.

I want to mention we have had some very good volunteer help.

We need some donations to continue our work. Donations can be made at the Forreston State Bank, 200 Main St., Box 278, Forreston.

Contact Sue Ruter at the bank for registration.

Russell Ruter


Are parties to blame for low football turnout?

Dear Editor,

I had the occasion to speak to an Oregon Hawk football player a few days ago.

He seemed excited about the upcoming season but when asked how things were shaping up for this year he uttered a shocking comment. “We need more players.”

Wow! I never though I would ever hear that considering the size of our school.

Then the answer as to why was even more shocking.

“Everybody else is losing interest in sports.”

Digging a little deeper a reason surfaced. “They all like to party.”

Oh! How I hope he is wrong. Take heed parents and school officials!

If this is true, anything and everything needs attention to get this corrected.

If this is true of the sports program I shudder to think how it may be affecting other school activities let alone academics.

Go Hawks!

Al Koper


11th year of success for The Breast Yard Sale in Town

Dear Editor,

Thanks to everyone for helping make The Breast Yard Sale in Town a success.

This annual Oregon event is a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society that everyone looks forward to attending.

The sale raised $12,500 this year, bringing the 11 year total contribution to $92,000 for the American Cancer Society.

New occurrences make every year special. More media support was provided. Volunteers came out daily to help set-up the event and to work every day.

Rummage came in for weeks prior to opening day and continued to arrive throughout the sale.

More customers returned and many customers said, “I have never been to this sale before.”

The generosity of our community is unmatched. And more lingerie was donated by Maidenform than ever before. We could not do this by ourselves.

The yard sale continues to be a safe place for people to talk about their experiences.

Story by story, person by person, together we are saving lives and creating a world with more birthdays where cancer never takes another year from anyone’s life.

You are hope for those with cancer. Thank you for your contribution to this sale. We look forward to the 2014 sale.

In appreciation,

Karen and James Brown


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