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Letters to the Editor

Wants husband’s flag returned

Dear Editor,

I went to the cemetery on Father’s Day. To my surprise, someone stole the flag I put on my husband’s  (WWII Vet) grave.

Call me—I will buy you a flag.

Leave Bob (died Feb., 2013) alone. He has been through enough - I have also!! Put the flag back!!

Donna Wright


Come hear the Declaration of Independence

Dear Editor,

Soon, all the newspapers will be filled with gala events for the upcoming 4th of July holiday.

Back yard picnics, fire works under the stars, fun filled ball games, parades and any number of ways for us to celebrate our independence.

One such event will be a Reading of the Declaration of Independence at the Franklin Grove Historic Society’s Pioneer Village.

Here you will listen as Tom Wadsworth, once again, reads the inspiring words written by Thomas Jefferson defining how this nation — our nation — was declared to be free from the obstacles imposed by Great Britain.

A Community Choir will sing several inspirational songs. Five of your neighbors will — in their own words — describe “What Freedom Means to Me!”

American Legion members will proudly post and remove the American flags. Scouts will install the flags of the original 13 Colonies. And a bell will be rung to denote the joy to be sensed at each step of the program.

John Adams wrote in 1776 that this day should “be commemorated as a Day of Deliverance by solemn Acts of Devotion to God Almighty” and that it should “be solemnized……from one End of this Continent to the other from this Time forward  forever more.”

This program is an attempt to fulfill that desire so nobly expressed by one of our Founding Fathers.

Come join other patriots for the celebration at 9 a.m. on July 4 at the Franklin Grove Chaplin Creek site.

Bring a chair, maybe an umbrella (for either rain or the hot sunshine) and plan to stay for refreshments.

The program is only about one hour long so you’ll have plenty of time to return home and enjoy your family gatherings, play ball games, watch a parade, and witness the fireworks at night.

Max Baumgardner

Franklin Grove

Concert was well attended

Dear Editor,

The Soul Notes farewell concert performed at the Grove Theater, Pinecrest, Mt. Morris on Sunday, June 23 was a huge success with such a variety of quality singing.

It was very well attended (there were not enough seats for the crowd).

Even the heavens above cooperated during the appropriate selection (Stormy Weather).

Many thanks to these professionals for their time, talent and energy, as well as to those who made this celebration possible

It was a great and enjoyable afternoon.

Anna A. Hatzipanagiotis

Mt. Morris

Event at center was a delight

Dear Editor,

What a delight to sit back and take a “Walk Down Memory Lane” at the Mt. Morris Senior Center luncheon on Thursday, June 20 at the Methodist Church.

Rochelle Pennington from Wisconsin presented a program in both word and pictures reminiscing about life from the 1930s to the 1950s.

The audience participation in completing the advertising slogans, one line quips, etc. was fun and mind stretching.

The displayed items from those years added to the reminiscing of the times.

The program reawakened so many memories of family centered times! An enjoyable hour with no cell phones, texting, TV, etc.

Like a summer picnic in the park, lunch was an array of yummy salads with homemade pie and cake for dessert and lemonade and coffee.

A fun break to take in the middle of the day before a leisurely afternoon nap or hour with a good book!

Thank you, Brenda and helpers, for planning and preparing the delightful event.

JoLynn Ward and Janice Hough

Mt. Morris

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