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Letters to the Editor

Woman wants to know criteria for OHS awards

Dear Editor,

I want to begin by congratulating the OHS class of 2013 for all their hard work and accomplishments.

This is the end of an era for me. I have had 5 grandchildren graduate from OHS in the last 4 years.

The thing that I don’t understand is the criteria for such awards as student of the month, student of the quarter, senior of distinction given out throughout the year.

My grandchildren have played football, volleyball, softball, were in track, and been a cheerleader.

They have been in National Honor Society, Student Council, FFA, been on the honor roll, school musicals.

They have gone to IMEA, all state music festival, written, produced, and directed a play, chaired homecoming, been on the prom committee, been class officers.

Thinking of all they have done, makes me wonder even more why I never learned that they have received one of the awards listed above or other awards I see pictured in the paper.

I do not want to imply I am not happy for the students that have received these awards, but I do have to question why in all the 8 years I had grandchildren at OHS none of them was ever considered for an award.

I would like to see published what it takes to get one of these awards.

I do not have any more grandchildren to go through OHS so I am not looking for special consideration for them.

I just want to say I cannot believe none of them was ever considered for an award.

A very proud grandmother, in spite of the lack of recognition from the administration and teaching staff.

Karen Hummel


DLR teacher and students say thank you

Dear Editor,

Thank you to the community of Oregon.

Even though school is out, the David L. Rahn Junior High seventh graders will not forget the unique opportunities they experienced thanks to many people in the Oregon community.

To reinforce our government unit and increase awareness of our community’s resources and treasures, the students spent one day in Oregon touring the judicial center, the courthouse, the Oregon Public Library, and the Ogle County Museum.

They also visited many other outdoor sites, including the parks and statues.

The students would like to thank in particular: Kim Stahl, Dan Daub, Bill Bailey, Rebecca Huntley, Linda Walters, Judge Kathleen Kauffman, Judge John Redington, Judge Robert Hanson, and Deb Herman.

These people and many others helped in offering an invaluable experience for us.

Thank you!

Joanne Pennock

Junior High Teacher &

DLR Seventh Grade Students

Poker run held in Mt. Morris for Hospice

Dear Editor,

Sharky’s Sports Bar, Mt. Morris, hosted a poker run for the second year in a row to support patients and family members served by Serenity Hospice and Home.

Mike and Steve Rossi, co-owners of Sharky’s, presented proceeds from the live and silent auction in the amount of $1,141 to Serenity Hospice and Home.

With the weather cooperating the afternoon of April 27, 38 bikers participated in the run this year.

Chana Tap, Chana, K & K Cycles, Dixon, East End, Stillman Valley, Empty Pockets, Oregon, Moose Lodge, Mt. Morris, and Side Track, Ashton, were all stops at this year’s event.

Lynn Knodle

Executive Director

Serenity Hospice & Home

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