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Letters to the Editor

Library official comments on April 9 decision

Dear Editor,

On April 9 the voters of Oregon Library District voted not to support the building of a new library in Oregon.

To many this is a great disappointment that we will not be able to use a $3.7 million grant from the State of Illinois to build a new library for downtown Oregon.

To many it is a relief that they will not be burdened by an additional amount in their real estate taxes.

No matter which side you fall on we are blessed to live in a democracy and get to vote our opinions and the majority wins.

Obviously the board of trustees for the Oregon Library District is disappointed that a new library will not be built at this time.

The trustees truly felt that the building of a new library would be an outstanding investment in the future Oregon.

It was felt that this would benefit future generations of Oregonians for many decades.

Oregon is still a wonderful city in which to live with an amazing park district, an  ever improving school system and natural beauty beyond compare.

Yet our city does have its challenges. We have a downtown that has too many vacant store fronts.

Our schools have an ever increasing number of students on free and reduced lunch programs.

Currently we do not have many businesses that offer our talented young people a reason to come back and live and raise families in Oregon.

I would like to thank the supporters of the library referendum and ask that they stay passionate about improving Oregon in any way they can.

I would like to challenge the voters who chose to vote no on this referendum to get involved in positive improvements to our town and not to sit on the sidelines and be happy with the status quo.

If we are not working continually on improving our town it will surely become stagnant and die.

So what is next for the Oregon Public Library District?

The board is committed to using the current, historical Carnegie Library building to its fullest capacity.

We will work hard to provide as many services as possible to the citizens of Oregon and try to find innovative ways to deal with our building’s physical limitations.

The growth and diversity of information sources continues to expand. We’ll do our best to keep up.

Scott Stephens


Oregon Public Library Board

Art works were special treat of high school visit

Dear Editor,

Though I have no children nor grandchildren in the Oregon school system, I am interested in the education of young folks.

Yesterday I had occasion to go into the office of the Oregon High School (again in the interest of three young chaps, two of whom are seniors. I had given them some news clippings I had collected regarding their activities in school, of which I am sure their parents are proud).

It was a wonderful surprise to see the cleanliness of the halls, and the students and teachers so friendly and helpful in directing me to the office and back around the maze of hallways and turns to the exit where my vehicle was parked.

During the course of the walk, I noted one area of hallway filled on both sides with huge works of art from the modern, surreal to impressionistic to colonial, to works of the old master and on; it could have been a loan of a wing from the Art Institute in Chicago; my, I could have spent a hour there; congratulations to the Art Department which probably undertook this task and to the students who will learn the basics of art and master pieces!

Thank you to the staff and students who made my visit a surprisingly pleasant time.

Anne A. Hatzipanagiotis

Mt. Morris

Man questions article

Dear Editor,

Having lived in the Forrestville Valley School District for 27 years with children and grandchildren attending, and being unable to attend the April 10 school board meeting, I was pleased to read the report of the meeting in the April 18 edition of the Forreston Journal.

However, I was disappointed in that the report seemed to be incomplete. It reported that “seven people addressed the board” but only six were quoted in the report.

Was the seventh person inadvertently or purposefully not reported?

Submitted by

Jim Stralow,


(Editor’s note: The comments reported were those that, in the writer’s  analysis, most effectively summed up the topics under discussion.)

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