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City receives a $1,000 donation

Money is in the name of the late Jackie Carroll

Polo officials accepted a $1,000 donation that will help with the costs of building a new bathhouse at the city pool.

Shelli Wolf, daughter of the late Jackie Carroll, and alderman Norm Carroll, Jackie's husband, made the donation Tuesday night.

"The money is for the Polo pool bathhouse," said Wolf. "The money is in memory of Jackie."

Alderman Doug Knapp accepted the donation.

"We are more than half way with the bathhouse fundraising," he said. "We have raised $39,000."

Funding to cover the bathhouse renovations are being made through donations which is in the spirit of how the bathhouse was built originally.

The city is covering the expense of replacing the filter room.

"Work on the filter room will be done in the spring," said Knapp. "We will break ground at the end of the summer on the bathhouse."

Additional fundraising events are scheduled for the project.

An alumni basketball game and dinner will be held on April 13 at the Polo High School.

Knapp said other events will be announced in the future.

The Polo pool is one of the last outdoor public pools in the region.

In other business the city learned about an additional payment that was made for the wastewater treatment plant project.

"We received a $442,686 payment from the State of Illinois for the wastewater treatment plant," said alderman Louise Hall. "We made payments to Williams Brothers and Willett, Hoffman, and Associates."

Williams Brothers received $420,000, which was a planned payment for the project while Willett and Hofman received a $21,302 payment.

"The state's check was 14 cents short," said city clerk Susie Corbitt.

Corbitt said the money would come from the enterprise fund and the 14 cents will be noted for the auditor.

Filing the paperwork to be reimbursed for the 14 cents would not make sense, Corbitt said.

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