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Girl's 9-1-1 call helps save her grandma's life

A young Davis Junction girl teared up while remembering the early morning 9-1-1 call she had to make to help save her grandmother's life.

Kayla Boyd, 11, was surprised in front of her classroom Feb. 8 by the first responders who assisted her when she called 9-1-1 on Dec. 3.

For her ability to remain calm and knowing what to do, Ogle County 9-1-1 Coordinator Sandy Beitel presented Boyd with the 9-1-1 Hero award.

"She did the most amazing job calling 9-1-1," said Beitel. "It is pretty special what Kayla did and I am sure all of you would do it in the same situation."

A recording of the 9-1-1 call was played for the class to demonstrate to her classmates how calm she remained.

"Hello this is Kayla Boyd and my grandmother is not waking up. Her blood sugar is really low," Boyd told 9-1-1 operator Heather Welty.

"Are you the only one there with her?" asked Welty.

"My sister, and my aunt is coming over right now," said Boyd.

As Boyd listened to the tape she began to tear up and her parents were dabbing tears from their eyes.

Throughout the 9-1-1 call, all the questions Welty asked were answered calmly and clearly despite Boyd being upset with the developing situation at her home.

"Kayla take a deep breath for me," said Welty. "You are doing really good."

The recording of the 9-1-1 call was turned off and Beitel told Boyd that she was going to read some special letters.

"Dear Kayla, Congratulations on receiving the hero award.  I understand you called 9-1-1 for your grandmother when she had taken ill. Knowing what to do in an emergency situation is not easy as many adults have difficulty with that test.  I am impressed with your ability to remain calm, using the 9-1-1 number to assist your grandmother," Illinois State Senator Tim Bivins, R, Dixon.

Another letter was from Illinois State Representative Tom Demmer, R, Dixon.

He wrote " It is with great pleasure that I commend you on your outstanding act of heroism…  You sound like an amazing young girl and I am sure your family is more than proud of you."

A final letter was sent by 16th Congressional District United States Congressman Adam Kinzinger, Manteno.

He wrote "Please accept my congratulations on behalf of the 16th congressional district.  It is fitting accolade for your exemplary efforts to assist your grandmother in a time of need.  I commend you for being a role model and for being a hero to your grandmother, family, and community.  I am sure you are humbled by this experience."

Her entire class gave a round of applause to congratulate their classmate.

After receiving the 9-1-1 hero award, Boyd talked about events that led up to being surprised at school.

"I was sad and happy at the same time today," she said. "It's nice because I helped someone out.  My sister also helped out. I am really proud of my family and I have people that help me."

Boyd's grandmother on her father's side is doing better and recovering from the medical emergency.

The call to 9-1-1 was made before school on Dec. 3 after Boyd's parents left for work.

"I knocked on her door and she did not answer," said Boyd. "I called my parents then I called an ambulance. They showed up 5 minutes later."

Shortly after the 9-1-1 call first responders from Lynn-Scott-Rock and Stillman Valley Fire came to the house to help Boyd's grandmother.

Linda, Boyd's father Daniel showed up a few minutes later.

"Now I know my grandmother is doing better," Boyd said. "If I did not check on her she would not be here."

Boyd is glad to know she has supportive friends and family.

"My family and friends have encouraged me," she said. "It is amazing I have so many people that care about me."

The surprise visit allowed Boyd to meet and give hugs to everyone who helped during the scary December morning.

In addition to the 9-1-1 Hero award, Boyd received a gift card from the Davis Junction Subway to thank her for being a hero.

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