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Horizon earns Miller the win

It took 13 rounds to whittle the 12 entrants in the German Valley Grade School Spelling Bee to the final 3, another 2 to pick the final 2, then a final 4 rounds of back and forth spelling action to crown a winner Jan. 31.

In the end fourth-grader Taylor Miller outlasted Nicole Fox to claim the crown.

The opening for Miller came when Fox spelled primitive with an a instead of an i.

Miller had already spelled her word provoke correctly and only needed 1 final word to win the bee.

The winning word to spell was horizon which Miller spelled without any hesitation.

"I think it is just fun to try and spell different words," said Miller after being named the winner. "A lot of practicing, I practiced every day."

The win allows Miller the opportunity to represent her school at the regional spelling bee at Dixon High school on Feb. 21.

Fox will be the alternate.

During any spelling bee the list of words is provided to the schools and contains a variety of words and each contestant is given a word at random from the list.

Miller is prepared for the regional bee but will continue practicing until the event.

Currently the hardest word Miller says she knows how to spell is grandiloquence.

That word means extravagant in language in a way that is intended to impress.

To advance to the regional bee, Miller correctly spelled included curiosity, emotional, flora, mandate, condone, eruption, worthwhile, whiskery, and playground.

Fox spelled happiest, moonlight, conflict, amass, faulty, default, and formula.

Some of the tough words that knocked competitors out of the spelling bee this year included squalid, factoid, falter, describe, and upbringing. 

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