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Letters to the Editor

Goodfellows appreciate donations

Dear Editor,

The Mt. Morris Goodfellows would like to thank the many individuals, organizations, and businesses who choose each holiday season to support our efforts to help those in our community who are in need.

Over 160 families were touched by your donation this holiday season.

Blessings of the season to you and yours from the Mt. Morris Goodfellows.


Charles C. Beard

Mt. Morris

Jerry Griffin


Show respect not a “who cares” attitude

Dear Editor,

I love the USA and tears come easy during the National Anthem.
Honoring your country with courtesy and respect seems to be coming a lost art.

I have been watching high school basketball this winter. I could become a rich man by betting there will be those showing no respect by leaving their head cover on during it’s playing.

Some will at least remove it but then hold it to their side instead of covering the heart.

Then there are those who spend that time gawking at their neighbors, talking to friends, or anything but paying due respect to our country.

We should not have to be told by the announcer to remove our caps prior to the National Anthem.

Don’t be afraid to tap your neighbor on the shoulder and remind him or her of this.

Another thought, maybe we are not being vigilante enough about teaching proper flag etiquette in our schools and in the showing of respect to other schools.

This “ who cares” attitude was evident during a recent home game. A small group of 5 to 6 were seated in the hometown section and were there to root for the home team.

They were the only ones in the section that remained seated during the school fight song and introduction of the home team.

I remember when both sides would show their respect and stand for each other’s school songs.

I also feel sorry for school cheerleaders. For the most part they are leading cheers with no help from the crowd and especially falling on the deaf ears of students.

It could just be just another for the “who cares” category.

“Who cares” is an attitude that has become quite evident in some of our governmental officials.

It seems it makes no difference what the majority says.

When was the last time you were actually approached by an elected official and asked “How’s it going?”

Take the “State” of Chicago for instance. I see in this week’s paper that a couple of students of opposing teams got into a fight which then continued in the parking lot where a 17-year-old was shot and killed.

This is a prime case of how well the very strict Chicago gun control laws are working.

This is the same type of laws we are getting shoved down our throats against the majority’s will.

I think they [legislators] hold the patent on the ‘’who cares” attitude.

Let’s not join them. Let us re-take America and make it good again.

Al Koper



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