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Letters to the Editor

Colbert's column was right on about basketball whining

Dear Editor,

My hat is off to Andy Colbert for writing the column about the increasing complaints at local basketball games.

He noted that the words and actions of the fans, players, and coaches took the fun out of going to games.

He put it succinctly: "give me a player with character over a whiner."

I'm sure he expects the display of good character from the fans and the coaches too.

Coaches, especially, should be aware of what they are modeling for everyone in attendance.

As a retired athlete, I know how many players look up to coaches if they show good character. I certainly did when I played.

I also remember those coaches who were not behaving as I thought they should.

I wonder if Andy's column will make a difference for the rest of the basketball season this year and in the future.

Others should be joining his plea for more decorum at games.

If I were a teacher or administrator at those schools, I'd certainly be talking to my students about how to behave at a sporting event.

It may take more than Andy to make a positive difference, but at least he started the conversation.

I hope he keeps writing about important values that become evident through sports.

Clifford E. Knapp


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