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Marcos defeat Cardinals 70-56

Heading into halftime it looked like the Cardinals were going to push the Marcos to the edge Nov. 28, but Polo played hard to defeat Forreston 70-56.

Polo started out strong and seemed to have all the answers in the first half.

Gaining an early lead the Marcos had a 17-10 lead after the first quarter.

With 1 minute left in the first half Polo had a 7 point lead that Forreston was able to reduce to 3 going into the half with a 32-29 score.

At this point, it looked like the Cardinals had a chance to keep pace with the Marcos.

Heading out of halftime, the Marcos wanted to maintain a lead.

In the third quarter, Polo outscored Forreston 16-9.

The scoring trend continued in the fourth with Polo outscoring Forreston 22-18.

For the Cardinals Robert DeVries and Nathan Schneiderman fouled out of the game.

DeVries had 15 points and Schneiderman had 2 points.

Leading the way for Forreston was Nick Ludwig with 18 points.

Brett Carlson was accurate with his free throw attempts completing 7 of 9.  He finished the game with 13 points.

Ross Williams and Justin Hughes each added 4 points.

For the Marcos, AJ Dollmeyer had a strong game finishing with 19 points.  He made 9 of 13 free throws.  The only thing slowing him down was the four fouls committed during the game.

Brad Cavanaugh was 5 of 6 from the line and added 15 points to Polo's total.

Brian Cavanaugh scored 11 points for the Marcos.

Sawyer Frano had 9 points and Max Simmons added 8.

Brady Bushman and austin Reeder each contributed 4 points.

Defensively for the Marcos Dollmeyer had 11 defensive rebounds and 5 offensive rebounds.  He also had 1 assist and 4 blocks.

Brian Cavanaugh had 5 defensive rebounds and one offensive rebound.  He also helped the Marcos by stealing the ball 6 times and had 1 assist.

Brad Cavanaugh had 3 offensive rebounds and 1 defensive rebound and added 4 steals.

Bushman had 4 defensive rebounds and 3 offensive rebounds, 1 steal, and 3 assists.

For the entire game, Forreston had 14 defensive rebounds and 10 offensive rebounds.

The Cardinals turned the ball over 18 times and were called for 2 charges.

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