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Letters to the Editor

Wilburn was not part of the campus project

Dear Editor,


To the people of Mt. Morris:


Please let it be known to all that I did not have anything at all to do with the campus project that is currently underway...that of removing grass and pouring concrete and the installing of permanent benches.


At a June meeting of the village board, I was on record as opposing such a plan for all the environmental ideas known as not sound.


The plans for this cement project went ahead as we knew it would and I became resigned to the project as so many have...I am not nor was I ever on any "committee" involved in this planning.


I showed up the morning of the laying out of the guidelines solely to hang my little home-made sign upon which was written "Save This Tree" and hung it on the large old Christmas tree in the hopes that that tree could be spared.


I watched as they laid on in paint the plans and just gave up trying to figure it out and took my daily walk...leaving it to them...resigned to the destruction that lay ahead and not wanting to witness any of it.


Again, I cannot put too fine a point on the fact that I am in no way on any "committee" pertaining to this and I surely am not in favor of any of it...sad and resigned to the fact maybe, but never a part of it.


How or who got this wrong I will not even try to point a finger at, but felt I must set the record straight.


As a disciple of conservationist John Muir, I think you are owed that much.


Thank you for reading this and for understanding that it was indeed a gross misunderstanding on the part of someone(s).




Lynn L. Wilburn


Mt. Morris

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