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Letters to the Editor

Local politics need diversity

Dear Editor,


It is about time we get some diversity in our local politics. It seems our local politics have degenerated into a one-party system.


All other Ogle County Board candidates are virtual shoe-ins.


We finally have an opportunity to put some new blood on our Ogle County Board.


We need someone with new ideas, and who can think out of the box.


As a Democrat, Willem Dijstelbergen is the only contestant in the race.


All others were already decided upon long ago during the March primaries.


He would be only the second Democrat on the entire Ogle County Board.


Voting for Willem for our Ogle County Board will provide us with some more political choice.


Your local elected officials are the ones that will affect you most.


Vote new, vote Willem on Nov. 6.




Russell L. Martin



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