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Letters to the Editor

Likes Willem Dijestelbergen

Dear Editor,


I am writing to encourage eligible voters to support Willem Dijstelbergen for Ogle County Board, District 5.


If elected, Willem will actively represent Marion, Rockvale and Leaf River Townships.


As a 33-year resident of Ogle County, he has consistently shown his commitment to the well-being of county residents.


Willem can make a difference on the county board by bringing forward his diverse background and experience in engineering, alternative energy, business administration, farming, gardening, and local boards.


His presence on the board will help our residents have more input into county decisions.


He has experience the difficulty of being heard by the board as just one citizen standing alone.


Willem is determined to not let members of his district feel this way any longer.


As a board member, he will insist on maintaining our rural countryside, which would continue to enhance our county's agricultural value.


As a newcomer to the board, he would bring fresh, new solutions to problems that put the interests of residents first.


Elect Willem Dijstelbergen to our county board on Nov. 6.


Debra Bryant


Mt. Morris

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