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Letters to the Editor

Concerned over water bill

Dear Editor,
On Sept.11 I attended the Mt. Morris Village Board meeting, to follow up on a written contest of my July water/sewer bill amount.

Many of you have probably seen and read the article in last week’s paper that was written by Vinde Wells reflecting the details of that meeting, so I will try not to be redundant.

I will summarize briefly my concerns, and the responses the village gave me.

Basically, my July water/sewer bill was $50-60 higher than my normal range, for apparently no explainable reason.

I do not have a pool, I do not water my lawn, I do not have a water softener, and I do not have any leaks.

Many statements were made and questions asked at the board meeting such as, “how many are in your family,” “do you have a pool,” “sometimes kids do things such as let the hose run and dad doesn’t know,” “sometimes you can have a leak and will not hear it.”

Honestly, my answer to all of these is no.

I was also told repeatedly that the new direct flow meters do not move without water flowing, and that there is no chance of interference with the digital transmissions from the radio in the truck to the meter and back.

I personally find it hard to believe that these are the only wireless pieces of equipment that can not be interfered with.

When I asked about an alleged problem in July where some readings had to be entered manually, the response was none were entered manually.

Here’s the part that I don’t accept. July was a hot month I agree, but so was June and August.

If I have a leak, as they kept suggesting, then it must have miraculously repaired itself before my August bill!

I guess I am suppose to be satisfied with the village’s lack of explanation of why my bill for July was $60 higher.

I am not the only one that had a higher than normal bill that month for no apparent reason, but obviously the only one that contested it.

I tell you people, I really feel something happened in the July billing cycle that the village is not admitting to.

My time contesting this matter was wasted it appears, as I left the meeting after hearing the same lack of explanations over and over, but if it makes even a few more people aware that things like this are happening, then time was well spent.

I am not one to complain about paying what I owe, but I will not take kindly to being gouged either.

Thanks for listening, and hopefully this will make some people more aware of a few things. If anything good comes from it or not, we’ll have to wait and see.


Dan Elsasser

Mt. Morris

Likes Dijstelbergen for county board

Dear Editor,

Over the past year, I attended multiple Ogle County Board meetings during open hearings related to wind farm development in our county.

I watched as many of our elected County Board members showed disregard and open mocking of citizens giving testimony.

At the time, I thought how poorly they represented their elected position and how comfortable they must feel in that position to deride people so openly without fear of any repercussion.

I think it’s time for some repercussions. That opportunity comes to us on Nov. 6 when we have a chance to exercise our vote.

I support Willem Dijstelbergen as a candidate for county board, District 5, in the upcoming election.

I have known Willem as a neighbor for many years and admire his sense of community, his honesty and intelligence.

He will treat all board decisions with careful study, intelligence and respect for those who may disagree.
Isn’t that the kind of person we want to represent all of our interests?

Kara Gallup

Leaf River

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