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Letters to the Editor

Wants more information on proposed sales tax for city

Dear Editor,

After reading the article in your newspaper Thursday "Voters to decide 1% sales tax add-on Nov. 6" we have some comments.

First it reports the money is "to help pay for future infrastructure projects."

Then down a paragraph or two it's that and "property tax relief."

The explanation of property tax relief did zero for us. Where does money come into that and how much?

We agree these projects are important - we just don't agree with the tax placements and exemptions which are listed further in the article.

We wonder when and how the council decided on them. We don't remember any public meeting discussions and if it was "behind closed doors" that would be illegal, wouldn't it?

We will vote "no" if there is no tax on vehicles but another tax on gasoline.

We are not paying enough for gasoline?

How many taxes will that be then just on gasoline?

We understand those we have sent to Washington will not be happy until we are paying what Canada and Europe pay for it.

But, Canadians we have met told us, quote "Yes, we pay much more than you do but it's also how we pay for our health care. What do you get for your money?"

Higher gas prices hurt the middle and lower class trying o make ends meet especially those who drive distances to work.

The Washington set ride in limos and airplanes and we pay for their gas.

We agree prescriptions should be exempt. Everyone complains about them. But over-the-counter? For a bottle of aspirin?

Lastly, we would like further information printed in this newspaper on how the council came up with the "estimated $240,000 in revenue per year."

Real figures from previous years might help. Sounds too good to be true.

If you the public agree or disagree with this speak up and soon in writing to the Mayor.

Patricia Stroh

Glenn Stroh

Oregon, IL

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