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Letters to the Editor

Commission member comments on historic preservation ordinance

Dear Editor,

As a member of the historical commission (Oregon Historic Preservation Commission) I am compelled to offer comment regarding the work of the historical commission and preservation ordinance submitted to the Oregon City Council.

The historical commission was appointed by the mayor, voted on and approved by the council.

The commission was given a specific task to research, review and present a historical preservation ordinance for the City of Oregon.

This task was done with assistance of recognized experts from the State of Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, discussion with the city planning commission, and input.

The ordinance presented to the city council (while rejected by the planning commission) meets all recommendations and guidelines of the Illinois Historical Preservation Agency and offers maximum protection for preservation of historical buildings in the Oregon Commercial Historic District established in August 2006.

Additionally, it places Oregon among 74 other cities who have adopted the IHPA approved ordinance.

Passage of the proposed ordinance would allow Oregon to begin the process required to achieve Certified Local Government status and partake in Property Tax Assessment Freeze Programs.

Over the past several months the proposed ordinance was discussed with the planning commission and at their suggestion several changes were made.

Several major changes proposed by the planning commission were presented to the IHPA and their comments, which were relayed to the planning commission, were that the alterations proposed by the planning commission would significantly weaken the ordinance and would make it very difficult for Oregon to achieve Certified Local Government status and the advantageous tax incentive programs.

Deeming these to be essential elements for Oregon moving forward, the commission chose not to incorporate them in the proposed ordinance.

The historical commission has fulfilled its obligation to offer the strongest ordinance possible.

Bruce McMillan


Lorrie Bearrows offers her thanks

Dear Editor,

How does anyone say thank you and goodbye to the people who have made the work of Hospice possible for over 28 years and allowed me to have more than 19 years of joy-filled service?

Because the people of our communities believed in the mission of dignity and excellence of care to the terminally ill and their loved ones, your compassion, support, and prayers have made Serenity Hospice and Home (FKA Ogle County Hospice) the finest Hospice in northern Illinois.  We are often emulated, but never duplicated.

Your incredible support made the first rural Hospice home in Illinois possible. 

The $3.9 million building has less than $350,000 left on the mortgage. That is only possible because of the dedication, generosity and commitment of our community.

Two years ago, with the board’s permission, we began to prepare for my retirement. 

On July 1, Lynn Knodle became the Executive Director. Lynn has a wealth of knowledge and ability.

Lynn and the board have graciously allowed me to continue to support Serenity in a variety of new ways.

In addition to thanking you, the community, I thank the marvelous staff of Serenity Hospice and Home and especially Lynn for making it possible for me to move on to my next pursuits.

With all my heart, I am grateful for everything you have done and pray you will continue your support of Serenity Hospice and Home.

We are the Hospice started by the community, supported by the community and serving all people of the community.

With all of us working together, it will be here for generations to come. Thank you and may God bless each of you.

Lorrie Bearrows

New Consultant

Serenity Hospice

and Home

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