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Letters to the Editor

Likes park police in Oregon parks

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank the Oregon Park District for having park police officers patrolling our parks.

My 13-year-old enjoys going to the skate park, and I can rest easy knowing that it is being monitored for drugs, alcohol, and bullying.

I do go check on my child when he is at the skate park, and two out of three times the park police officer is there watching the area.

So thanks again for keeping our parks a wonderful place for all kids to enjoy and for us parents to not have to worry quite as much.

Jo Merrill


Firefighters thank Rich Groenwold

Dear Editor,

We extend our appreciation and a big thank you to Rich Gronewold for his 21 years of faithful
service as a trustee of the Forreston Fire Department.
Jim Stralow


Forreston Firefighters

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