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Letters to the Editor

Chana School sale was unique

Dear Editor,

Every sale is unique, because all items come in as donations.

The Chana School benefit sales have had everything from toilets and sinks, clothes, jewelry, to antique furniture.

This year we even had a handmade holster for a old time western handgun.

This year, thanks to the Ed and Lillian McCanse family (Rick McCanse) and the Doris Sharkey family (Linda and John Knigge), many nice furniture items were donated to help raise money for the school museum.

The Chana School Foundation appreciates the generous support from these individuals.

A big thank you goes out to all who donated items to make this year’s sale possible.

All items were in good shape and clean, making them easy to sell to people.

The Etnyre School gym was full of items looking for a new home.

The Chana School Foundation would like to thank Ann Tilton, principal of the Oregon Elementary School, for allowing the sale to be held in the Etnyre gym.

The location is well known after 12 years of having the sale in the gym.

The gym is the perfect size and is so easily accessible for moving large items and for the elderly.

Using the school location for the annual sale brings the community together to benefit a totally volunteer project.

Saving the Chana School started with the teachers and students of the Etnyre School.

Mike Ryder, principal of Etnyre School at that time, was a fond supporter of the saving, relocating, and restoring of the 1883 school.

Organizing and working the two and half days of the actual sale usually is exhausting.

However, this year there were many people who stepped forward and were willing to help throughout the two and half day project to raise money for the old school.

It was great fun to chat and unbox items.

There was something to do for everyone, and all were willing to share the tasks making things go so quickly and easily.

The Chana School Foundation would like to acknowledge with great appreciation the following individuals.

Diane Lillie and Connie Stauffer for planning and organizing the annual sale.

The haulers, Ray Gruber and Gary Stauffer, were kept busy throughout the two and half day event.

Carol Politsh and Earlyne Warmolts enjoyed adding up the transactions of all the shoppers.

Skyler Carlson helped during the sale and earned credit towards his future Eagle Scout recognition.

Cynde Wennmaker and Linda Hoffman evaluated furniture for pricing and organized setup of these items.

Michael Hoffman helped pack up items at the end of the sale.

Linda Knigge, Sherry Piros, and Donna Gruber were instrumental in organizing the many tables of smaller items.

We appreciate all other help that the event received.

There were many happy people leaving the Etnyre gym with their purchases.

There were bargains for everyone who ventured in to search for new and old treasures.

Every year volunteers are pleased with the money generated through this event, but this year’s sale was a huge success. Thank you, Oregon.

There is always need for more volunteers with a totally volunteer project.

If you would like to become a volunteer with the Chana School Museum please call 815-732-4714.

There are many different things that individual can do at the school as well.

Connie Stauffer


Library offered educational programs

Dear Editor,

The recent programs at the Mt. Morris Public Library have been not only interesting and informative, but very educational.

The gardening series approached gardening from four different points of view. (Lasagna gardening first sounded odd but was my favorite.)

Then the owner of Distinctive Gardens gave us a great deal of information about planting, etc.

The Square Foot gardening was again another perspective.

Then the various tools, clothing, gloves, hats was extremely pertinent.

One June 3, Prof Emeritus, Sharon Alter, presented Three Wartime First Ladies.

She was a good speaker, knew her history and presented these three First Ladies, Dolley Madison, Mary Todd Lincoln and Edith Wilson, in a very realistic and accurate manner.

I have personally presented 20 First Ladies at the Center for Learning in Retirement, Rock Valley College, and knew something about them.

She was a high-quality speaker, not someone who knows a “few things” and had no detailed background information.

Thanks to the Mt. Morris Public Library for locating and engaging such worthwhile programs for our community.

Anna A. Hatzipanagiotis

Mt. Morris

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