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Letters to the Editor

Fundraising challenge issued for Rock River Center

Dear Editor,

Recently I read a memo in the Senior Outlook written by Executive Director, Karen Copeland.

The letter has been on my mind a great deal since.

Karen shared that Rock River Center is functioning very well in the new building on Tenth Street in Oregon.

Many people are in the building each week for recreational activities, information or assistance with a variety of needs as older adults or caregivers.

Prior to my retirement from the Oregon Park District I was able to serve as Senior Recreation Coordinator for nearly 12 years.

That time was spent mostly at the Rock River Center representing the park district providing recreational opportunities for older adults and that was a great community service supported by the Oregon Park District.

The years at Rock River Center allowed me to see first hand the lives touched by Rock River Center.

Not only older adults but people of all ages attended activities from pre-schoolers to those ninety plus.

In Karen’s memo she also stated that approximately $100,000 is needed to complete the large meeting room and kitchen facilities.

Rock River Center has several fundraisers planned for the coming months and I would hope many would attend and enjoy those events and be as generous as possible.

I was thinking of that $100,000 as I was praying for the center this evening and I felt I would like to issue a fundraising challenge to all who have been touched by Rock River Center.

Perhaps you had a parent whose life was enriched by time spent with friends at RRC, or as a caregiver you have found answers at RRC, as a veteran you may have found it easy to connect with the V.A. Rep at RRC, throughout Ogle County you have had access to a caseworker close to your home thanks to RRC or had a child whose life was touched by the Pre-school Story Hour or the awesome Chums program.

As a user of the services provided by Rock River Center and as a volunteer I challenge you to donate $100 if not all at one time over the next year.

I have written my check and hope you will consider showing your support for this amazing agency that does so much with so little.

As one of the drivers said after working at RRC for awhile “they (RRC) must spend each dollar twice to provide the services they do with the dollars they have.”

If you do not receive the Senior Outlook you may pick up a copy at the center or you will also find Karen’s Memo on the Rock River Center Facebook page.

Respectfully submitted,

Melody Welty


Thank you for the food drive

Dear Editor,

The Board of Lifeline wishes to “Thank” all the individuals, businesses and organizations that contributed food for the Letter Carriers Food Drive held May 12.

There was 2,016 pounds of food donated.

Also, we would like to thank the Church of God for the use of their garage to sort food

Thanks to Linda Hoffman, Eddie and Gary Monnahan, Bob Bandera, Ron McNett, Ellen Mason, Steve Spangler, Mandy, Ed, Ghab, Piper, Mykalah, Pressley, Dan and Kathy Krozd, Sharon Wallace, and Earl Martin for picking up and sorting the food.

Thank you, Pizza Hut, for the pizzas.

Thanks, also to the city letter carriers and rural letter carriers and postal clerks that participated.

Lifeline Board of Directors

Sharon Wallace


Parade was a disappointment

Dear Editor,

People! People!

I just returned home from yet another disappointing Memorial Day Parade.

I don’t know anyone who does not have a father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, son or daughter who have served or are serving in the Armed Forces of the United States of America.

We had leading the pack a police car. Next was the VFW, then three troops of Boy and Girl Scouts.

Last but not least the Oregon marching band. and one more police car. and an audience of about 100 - 150 on the road sides.

Come on!

Where was the fire department?

Our mayor was too busy to attend, he sent a local police officer to stand in for him.

This saddens me more than I can put into words.

The lives of our fathers and the lives of our kids and grandkids seem to disappear into the bottom of a beer can or something I don’t know.

This is a day set aside to remember or fallen Americas who have given there lives for you and me.

Please put your busy world aside for an hour or two to say thanks next Memorial Day.

Remember there is a new veteran born every day; one could be one of your own.

Thank you to all who served to keep us free and God bless America!

Charles Anderson


Army Veteran

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