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Letters to the Editor

Don't forget those who are in nursing homes

Dear Editor,

National Nursing Home Week, which began on Mother’s Day, May 13, and ended on May 19, is a special week where residents, caregivers, families, staff and volunteers honor and celebrate nursing facility life.

This year’s theme was “Celebrating the Journey” and was a perfect time to visit your loved ones, friends, and neighbors at Polo Rehabilitation & Health Care Center as we hosted many special events.

Many nursing home residents are the people who planted the seeds that have made our community flourish and grow.

They have been the teachers, business people, public officials, parents and other leaders who have contributed so much to the community of Polo.

This week gave us the chance to honor those special residents, as well as staff, families and all friends of our community.

If you were unable to visit, make a phone call, send a card, or flowers; take this time now to reach out and let someone very special know that you are thinking about them now and throughout the year.

Along with National Nursing Home Week, Polo Rehabilitation & Health Care Center is host to Community Coffee Hour each Thursday at 9:30 a.m.

Please take the time to join us in continuing to “Celebrate the Journey” and witness first hand the beauty and joy that is in the eyes of our residents, caregivers, families, staff and volunteers.


Rhonda Biller


Polo Rehabilitation & Health Care Center

3,100 pounds of food collected by letter carriers

Dear Editor,

To the Postal Customers of the Mt. Morris, Leaf River and German Valley Post offices - Thank you - thank you - thank you.

This year was our “20th Annual Letter Carrier Food Drive” held on Saturday, May 12.

We had set a goal of 5,000 pounds of non-perishable food and items to be donated to the Loaves and Fish Food Pantry in Mt. Morris and some to the German Valley Food Pantry in German Valley.

With your generous donations we collected 3,100 pounds of food and monetary donations of $500.

When you calculate the value of the dollars that the pantry purchases food, we more than met our goal of 5,000 pounds.

Thank  you to everyone who generously donated to our food drive, all the advertisers who posted our flyers, the businesses who put us on their signs, the volunteers and the letter carriers at the post office who gathered the food, weighed the food and had it ready to be picked up by the food pantry volunteers, and the food pantry volunteers who picked it up, sorted it and organized it for their patrons.

We couldn’t do it without your help!  Hope to see you all next year.

Your Letter Carriers,

Linda Erisman, Val Villarreal, Craig Suttman, Diane Wells (Mt. Morris City Carriers)

Betty LeBorn, Val Pederson, Larry Bittinger (Mt. Morris Rural Carriers)

Tim Webster, Brandy Moser, and Nicki Haller (Leaf River/German Valley Rural Carriers)

Timing is wrong for updates to MM campus

Dear Editor,

A meeting was held in Mt. Morris with the Planning Board regarding updates for the campus and the $15,000 check from Exelon to be matched by the village.

I attended the initial meeting on May 7 at 5 p.m.

It appeared that the decision was already made—signed, sealed and delivered.

There was no discussion about if the campus changes should be made.

We are all aware of the state of our economy and each month, the garbage and water bill surcharge increases (it was $5 and now it is over $12 per month).

What do we have for jobs?  Quebecor and Watts are gone and Kables is hardly here.

The $15,000 from Exelon must be matched by the taxpayers who are fewer as the days go by.

Bandshell, flagpoles, and casting benches in cement may appear urgent but these are not vitally necessary projects.

Such a proposal is outrageous and ludicrous at this time.

Mt. Morris taxpayers, please attend the next meeting at the village hall, 5 p.m on June 4 or write to the Planning Board or the paper, please.

Just because (village president) Mr. (Greg) Unger says “they have the money” is no reason to spend it on something unnecessary in these trying economic times.

Thank you.

Anna A. Hatzipanagiotis

Mt. Morris

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