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Letters to the Editor

Surprised over higher taxes after assessed value for home decreased

Dear Editor,

So I get my taxes in the mail thinking I was getting a lower tax bill because my assessed value on the house went down.

Was I in for a surprise.  Looked at my tax bill and it went up not down.

Now I can’t sell the house for what it’s worth, can’t even give it away.

Why did the tax bill go up?

Because the Oregon Park District, City, Fire, Park District Pension, and every other district you can think of raised their rates.

Looked at last year’s rate and compare with this year’s rate and you will see the increase.

What are people suppose to do that are on a budget?

Not eat or just foreclose because they can’t pay the taxes.

You would think that with the economy the way it is these people would look at that and keep the rates the same.  Guess not.

Not happy with Ogle County right now.

You need to help people not increase your rates.

If I could move out of Ogle County you bet I would in a heart beat.

Having a hard time comprehending why the districts would do this and just not keep the rate what it was.

Connie Arjes


Donors thanked

Dear Editor,

Thanks to all the businesses, service organizations, individuals, and the parents who donated to the OHS Post-Prom 2012.

Your money, donations, gift certificates, novelty items, food and drinks were greatly appreciated.

It is amazing what was accomplished with the terrific help of people who care so much about our kids!

The generosity of this community provided for another successful Post-Prom.

Thanks also to the Oregon Park District for allowing us to host our Post-Prom at the Nash Recreation Center.

A great time was had by all!

We hope to be able to continue this tradition for years to come.

Thanks so much,

Lynn Barton

The OHS Post-Prom Committee

Drama club sells sturdy frames

Dear Editor,

We wish to thank the community for supporting the PCHS theatrical productions this year in Polo.

We work hard to create interesting shows that all ages will enjoy.

For our play “40 Thieves” we had to create 40 soup cans.

Now we have 20 sturdy frames that we thought would make perfect garden trellises.

If anyone is interested they are 3’x5’ and $5 each.

You may pick them up at PCHS or call the high school, 946-3314, for further details.

The money will be given to the Drama Club to help support future productions.

So, buy a trellis and support your garden produce and Drama Club!

Hope to see you at one of our productions next year.


Samantha Rhodes

Drama Club Secretary

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